Computer Lab

Keshav Madhav Saraswati Vidya Mandir has played a pioneering role in introducing interactive, multimedia rich edutainment and infotainment concepts in Kakore. In Keshav Madhav Saraswati Vidya Mandir , we have tied up with EduNxt, the leading company of the world. We have two well-furnished Computer labs, one in Primary wing for classes-I to V and one lab in Senior Wing for classes-Vl to XII. Each laboratory is fully equipped with 20 networked PCs under LAN with Internet connection. Students enjoy interactive learning process as well as demonstration of educational CD’s through PCs and LCD projector in the laboratory. Special care is taken regularly to guide the students for national level competitive examinations in computers like National Cyber Olympiad (NCO), International Informatics Olympiad (110), National Graphics Championship (NGC) & many others.

In tune with the changing times, Computer Lab provides basic to advanced know-how to its students to help them keep abreast with the latest technological happenings. Each lab has a dedicated server loaded with programs like C++, JAVA, Adobe Photoshop, Q.Basic, LOGO, MS Office 2000, Macromedia Flash MX, MYSQL and Oracle etc. The school has a well-qualified, NIIT trained computer faculties who makes learning about computers an enjoyable experience for the students.

Physics Lab

For any School, Physics lab is always treated as the hub of scientific activities, therefore, to inculcate scientific temper and to let the children innovate, relating the discipline of physics with nature and natural phenomena. The lab of physics in our school provides all the desired support systems for formal as well as informal lab activities pertaining to the existing CBSE as well as competitive exams like JEE and AIEEE syllabus.

Keeping in mind that once the students are tuned to the general science they proceed to the senior classes , they need experiments , for young scientist school has provision to exhibit their scientific projects and their innovations through various school as well as inter school activities, so that once imbibed, the details remain in the young minds for the future.

Interactive science learning is a need of the day, At NATION PUBLIC SCHOOL. We believe that students must learn science by interacting with most advanced technologies. We are developing a wide range of interactive indoor Physics Models and lots of computer – aided experiments which are going to give us a cutting edge.

Chemistry Lab

Chemistry is a Subject of performing experiments. But in Keshav Madhav Saraswati Vidya Mandir it is deal in an innovative way. Students perform experiments, which include observations, planning and design, quantitative measurement, data collection, analysis and interpretations. Computer aided virtual set up in the added advantage.

Biology Lab

Life Science is a subject of observation and investigation. It was limited to certain experiments and illustrations but our laboratory has developed a novel approach to the conventional laboratory techniques. Our educators are in constant search of development of motivating techniques to enrich lab teaching. Again a computer-aided science center with concept of virtual laboratory is being established.

Mathematics Lab

Many students consider mathematics as an intricate and dreadful subject, but in our Math’s Lab it is great fun we have used lots of games working models, illustrations to teach different mathematical concepts. This has introduced a trend of integrating computer technologies with various areas of mathematics and thus saves education time by cutting short certain Lengthy Explanations.