Dear Parents/Guardians,

Do you send your child to school only to learn read and learn some books? It is indeed said that school is a place where all children grow not just in size not even in knowledge but in curiosity, confidence, independence, resilience, patience, competence and understanding.

The purpose of education is not only teaching the text books to young children. It is lot more than that. Education means discovering and sublimating their hidden talents. Education demands making them think positively & behave responsibly. Education aims at producing not only good students but also ‘able adults’ so that they may successfully shoulder the responsibilities of family, society and the country in future. Education is for producing notable personalities in various fields like sports, music, painting, literature and politics.

You have done so much for your children. You have given them the best of everything. Give them the best school too and relax. We, at Keshav Madhav Saraswati Vidya Mandir Senior Secondary School understand you, your ambitions and your limitations. We keep in touch with latest research in the field of education and employ modern teaching techniques. We are your partners in educating the children in a proper way.

Please go through this prospectus carefully and get your ward admitted by filling up the enclosed form. In case of any difficulty or query, you can directly meet me in my office.


Manoj Kumar Mishra