We are in an era driven by globalized relationships, and innovative social technologies, fuelled by accelerating changes, how should we help students for all-around development?

We are well on our way with greater responsibility and joy-that of cultivating a mind at a time (your child’s mind), as we all know ‘each mind is special’. Some minds are wired to create musical symphonies while others are the best fitted out to build bridges, and highways, design aeroplanes, robots & other machines of the future; drive formula one car, or seek cures for cancer and AIDs. The growth of our society and the progress of the world are dependent on our commitment to fostering in our children, and among ourselves, the co-existence and mutual understanding for many different kinds of minds.

Every child entrusted in our care has multiple sparks hidden in him/her. We will endeavour to nurture each one of them to achieve their potential beyond conventional academic success. We aim to positively influence the lives of these young ones so profoundly that they transform into world players and will never forget the experience of being a student. To actualize this vision for the quintessential transformation of our children, I expect the parents to play a proactive role and strengthen the educational endeavours of the school. The school has introduced innovative interventions in classroom processes, and teacher accountability, and developed and strengthened institutional capacities through meticulous planning, expertise, training, process analysis and inspection to ensure greater learning outcomes.

In order to achieve our objectives we have teachers and staff dedicated to maintaining high standards in the performance of the students. A broad range of extracurricular activities that few institutions could boast of further refines the students’ spirit of succeeding in a competitive environment. We are proud of the numerous accolades of past and current students for achieving distinction in their pursuits in all walks of life.

Among the greatest of all services that can be rendered by men to Almighty God, is the education and training of children, so that they can foster by grace in the way of salvation, growing like pearls of divine bounty in the shell of education and will be one day the jewel in the crown of abiding glory. And we are doing it with a full passion so as to explore the all hidden qualities.

We wish a successful & bright future to all our students……

Shri Ashok Kumar Gupta